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Shree Vardhman Jain Boarding House - About Us

Sumerpur High School was the only High School in and around Sumerpur, and most of the students came from many villages around Sumerpur, Since sumerpur did not had any Hostel / Boarding facility for the students coming for a distance village. In order to give these students better Lodging and Boarding facility, Jain Samaj of Sumerpur thought of building a Boarding House, thus solving a critical problem of the students studying in Sumerpur High School. Many students from this high school have achieved ultimate goals of their lives and career. Many of them still have fond memories of Sumerpur High School and Boarding House.

Objective :

Sumerpur and Shivganj are one of Business cities of Rajasthan. It consists good climatic conditions, agricultural land, river known as Jawai, which provide water for nearby area for agriculture. Looking at availability of good resources, then first resident of Sumerpur Mr. Tarachandji Megharajji thought of building Jain Boarding for students, so that they can stay here and grap the knowledge. With help of Lecturer. Bhikamchandji and honourable people of community inaugurated Shree Vardhman Jain Boarding House in vikram samvat 1991. Students who stayed in this boarding have build good character in community, better health and discipline in life. They have also achieved progress in their various business fields. Even today all students of this boarding have fresh images of the journey in boarding, which is an achievement for the boarding.

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Importance of "Shree Vardhman Boarding House (Hostel)".