Information of Virat Chitaj

Info about the great statue of Lord Mahavir Swami

The facts and informations about 29.25 feet (351 inch) tall statue of lord Mahavir Swami in “Padmasan”, that was established in 54 feet grand 'panch kalyanak temple'.

  • This murti (Sculpture) is made of single stone of makrana marble.
  • The stone was of 100 tonns, and was 20 feet long, 14 feet broad and 7 feet tall.
  • Since the stone was around 60 feet deep in the mines, it was removed by traditional ways instead of machines.
  • It took 60,000 sand bags and efforts of 20 people for 6 months to remove this stone from the mines.
  • This was the first time in Makarana, that a single stone was removed without machines.
  • It is really surprising that stones around this single stone were all broken, while this was the only stone without any damage.
  • This stone was brought to Sumerpur in German made Volvo Trolla.

About Statue

On 30-11-2008, India major ancient Jain Temple had organised 18 Abhishek in different region of the country. Jain Temple within the premises of Jain Boarding House had also organised 18 Abhishek. As abhishek got complete, huge marble rock was taken off from Volvo Trolla. It took 3 days of hard working of the workers to take marble on the ground on Boarding permises. As marble rock touch the ground, it stated raining as if indra dev is also doing abhishek of the rock which will be carved into Mahavir Swami Bhagwan.

On 08-12-2008, was a day when first carving of the stone took place under the guidance of Panyas Bhadranand Maharaj Saheb.

First Gold Carving by - Sha. Umedmalji Poonamchandji Sakariya (Family).

First Silver Carving by - Sha. Shantilalji Mannaji Shobhawat (Family).

Sculpture was to be installed three days before pratistha, So that function goes on smoothly and in given time. According to that Crain was to lift the huge sculpture and installed it at given place, but ancidently crain got struck in mud pie and it took one whole day to remove with the help of other crain. It was decided to install huge sculpture on the second day itself, but it took whole day and at midnight 12 am Crain's incharge was able to take Sculpture at first step of the stage where sculpture has to be installed and to view this all the supporters where standing till midnight. On 27-11-2009, third day Sculpture was lifted to the higher positions of the installations place, exactly 10:30 within the good time limit huge sculpture got installed at right place at the right time.

On 27-11-2009, Shree Mahavir Swami Bhagwan's Chal Pratistha took place.