Facilities available at Shree Vardhaman Jain Boarding House

Shree Abhinav Mahavir Dham is being build within the premises of Shree Vardhman Jain Boarding House. In which 29.25 feet tall (351 inches) Sculpture of Shree Mahavir Swami's has been installed in "Pancha Kalyanak Temple". Beside temple, 2 auditorium, caves, waterfall, jungle, and advance Art gallery already constructed and displaying daily.

with the help of modern technology, Sound & Light effects, models & statues, the teachings of lord Mahavir Swamiji are presenting in the art gallery,

Jain Temple:

After establishing Shree Vardhaman Jain Boarding House, Shree Tarachandraji decided to build a Jain Temple inside the premises. Thus, on 22/06/1953 the temple was innaugrated by Shreemad Kalyan Vijayaji and approximately 598 years old statue of Shree Vardhaman Swami was installed in the temple. Prayers visiting this temple get mesmerized by this statue.

Lodging Facility:

There are 28 rooms with cooler facilities in "Nimb Solanki" lodge. Visitors are always welcomed here.

Boarding Facility (Bhojan Shaala):

There is a Jain Bhojan Shaala facility in this premise. Sadhu, Sadhvi or any visitors can eat at this Bhojan Shaala. Morning breakfast and daily meals are available to visitors for very reasonable rates. Popular Rajasthani dishes (Rota-Daal) are prepared every Sundays. Do visit and enjoy Jain food here.


Upashray for vyakhyan, pratikhaman available for sadhu-sadhviji along with boiled water facility.

Aaradhana Bhavan:

Peaceful environment gives great feeling to many people to come and stay here for prayers. Facilities like cooler and non-cooler rooms, laundry, doctor, medicines, library etc are available to visitors.

Meeting Hall (Sabha Grah):

Godvad's number one huge "Shobhavat Hall" is one of the attractions here. People can use this hall for religious functions like Upadhyan, Oli, Maha Poojan etc; while it can also be used for social functions like Trust mandal meeting, Kavi Sammelan, Marriage etc. Apart from this, there are two other Sabha Grah (halls) available for the same.

Drinking Water Facility:

Attractive shaped "Sakariya Water Pub" provides cooland chilled water to visitors.

Shobhawat Hall:

This is one of the biggest hall in godwad district. Hall is equipt with modern technology and modern stage decorations. Any type of function can be held over here at minimum cost.


Three different marriages can be hosted at once at this huge premise. One can host low budget marriage here, while all hi-fi facilities are also available to the host for high budget marriages. Hall bookings are done on first come first serve basis.

We invite everyone from Jain society to come and use the facilities available here. :