Characteristics of Dham

Features available in Shree Abhinav Mahavir Dham

In Shree Abhinav Mahavir Dham, 54 Feet heighted Panchkalyanak rooms have been build in which Bhagwan Mahavir's chayvan, Birth, Become Monk and Nirvana kalyanak will be shown by caving them in the different stones. There will be three Art Gallery and four Auditorium which will displays the life of the Shree Mahavir Swami Bhagwan and their motive of life. It will also display and explain about "What should aim of the Life" and "How to achieve it". In Navkar Khand, it will display behaviour of Navkar Prayer, it's effect and models display with science and technology will be displayed here. Art Gallery No. 2 will have complete history related to Bhagwan Mahavir Swami. Art Gallery No. 3 will have Knowledge about Jainism, responsibility in Jain, food & life style in jain and history of porwal community will also be displayed here.

Four different Auditorium will be build in Shree Abhinav Mahavir Dham. It will display the geography of Jainism, Science of Jainism, different between heaven & hell, circle of life and will be displayed in eleven different voice. With the help of advance science and technology, Light and sound effect and professional artist, will display virtual art of jainism.