Construction of a fully air-conditioned Grand Nutan guest house

This guest house, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, will be very useful for various social and religious works. This building will soon be dedicated to the service of the integration. In this guest house you take advantage of the following schemes and become a partner in this great history.

72,00,000/- Nomination will be on the entire guest house. (The exact measurement of granite will be seen)
71,00,000/- Banquet Hall (has become surrogate.)
21,00,000/- First of the Male Gate (has become the norm.)
15,00,000/- Second Male Gate (has become surrogate.)
11,00,000/- Third Male's Gate. (5g2) specimen
12,51,000/- One of the attributes of the elevator is the one The rest is to be given. (2g2)) Flexibility
7,51,000/- Per block, big block total 6 characters given 2 blocks Is 4 remaining
4,05,000/- 30 blocks per block Give ten blocks Have given The rest 20 is to give the rewards.

There will be 10 blocks and 2 large blocks on each floor, thus, 30 blocks and 6 big blocks will be made in the entire building, whose names will be drawn from the draw on completion of the name. Golden opportunity for beneficiaries in lifelong golden pillar scheme in the permanent immovable fund of knowledge pilgrimage

Rs. 1,11,000 / - in the Gold Column Remodeling Fund Scheme By giving a donation of one lakh eleven thousand rupees, you should take the memory of your family or loved ones permanently and take advantage of Punean-rich virtue, the names of the beneficiary's three names, Gauta and the village will be written in the golden letters on the joint book. If you give 5 names to your loved one or your loved one, then you get Rs 5 lakh. Only have to give. At present, names of 132 beneficiaries have come. Continuing to take forward in the permanent settlement fund scheme. Make your life memorable by taking advantage of you too.

Daily duration fund scheme

Dosha's Daily Duration: Rs. By giving 51 thousand donations, make your family or loved ones' memory permanent as a memorable one, take advantage of Punya Purakya. Your name will be mentioned together in the same line together with three names, Father's name and the name of the village joint.

Contact form: Dasha Umematamalji Sakaria 9867220044 /
Shaw Shantilal M. Shovkat 9820208325

Shri Vardhman Jain Boarding House: Mr. Abhinav Mahaveer Dham, Sumerpur (Raj.)
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