Contribution of Porwal Jain Followers in Different Areas

Porwal Jain followers have progressed well in all areas and always served mother land of India. Be it Politics or Social, Religious or Literacy, Architectural or Economics, Porwal community has shown their talent in all areas and made their marks in progress of India in all these fields.
Let us get idea of Porwal Community contribution to different areas in brief, which will give us better understanding as a whole.

Political Field -

Porwal community led in Religious and Obligation fields from Vikram Samwat 8th Century till 13th Century. Community was also very active and led by example in Defense field too. Many defense ministers and ministers from Porwal Community represented many Kingdoms in wars and battles. They were always respected and honored above Kshatriyas (warriors). Minister Vimal, Gurjar (Gujarat) Vastupal and Tejpal are enough to believe Porwal Community's contribution to the society. When King of Gurjar Region (Gujarat), Vanraj established capital town of Anahilpur, he respectfully invited Ninnak to hold position of minister. It is not doubt that first Gurjar King Vanraj is an example of smoothly running of Kingdom, Society and Religion, with introduction of Science and Knowledge processes, and Ninnak - (from Porwal Clan) was great minister to help build Gurjar Kingdom stronger. Descendents of Ninnak lived up to the standards set by Ninnak, and helped in running Gurjar Kingdom smoothly till the time of King Kumarpal. Vimal Shah was one of the leading Minister from Ninnak's descendents who made their marks in history of Porwal. King of Gurjar Region (Gujarat), Bhimdev II (second) appointed Vastupal at Chief Minister Position and Tejpal at Supreme Judge (Dand Nayak) Position in Vikram Samvat 1276. Both the brothers were good warrior, knowledgeable, artist, honest, loyal and religious, full of many skills. Their ancestors had already served Gurjar Kingdom. During the era of these two brothers in the ministry of Gurjar Kingdom, no other King dared to conquer Gujarat. As we explained above, Porwal Community has contributed significantly in Politics and became pillar of establishment of Gurjar Kingdom and running it smoothly for many decades.

Field of Literacy -

Yavan's started their attacks on India starting from Vikram Samvat 8th Century. Mohammad Gajanvi and Gori attacked many Temples and started destroying Indian literacy contributed by Ved, Jain and Buddha religion. Their main focus was to destroy Indian culture to make an easy way to their culture. There was a mass effort towards securing knowledge base created by different culture and religions. A big movement of building Jain Temples and making multiple copies of Jain Literatures started during this era, where numerous Porwal leaders took part. They started financing efforts of making copies of Jain Granth (texts) and Scriptures (Shastra) on Papers and Leaves (Tad Patra). Thepad, Deshal, Dhinank, Mandalik, Vajak, Yashodev, Rahad, Ramdev, Jagat Sinh, Dhina etc are some of those great Porwal gentlemen who supported securing Jain culture.

In Vikram Samvat 13th Century, ministers of Gujarat, Vastupal and Tejpal also contributed in a noble cause of securing and enhancing Jain literature. They had their personal literature division, which was managing more than 500 writing institutes in major towns of Gujarat. They spent more than Rs.18,00,00,000 (in terms of today's cost) in this process. They built many knowledge centers to keep Jain Literature secure.

Great sole Vastupal himself was a great poet and he wrote popular books in Sanskrit. Narnarayanand Poem, Aadishwar Manorathamaym Strotram and Vastupal Suktabhah are some of them which are even available now. It is said that nine scholars (like Nav Ratna in Raja Bhoj's council) used to attend Vastupal's council.

Porwal community has also produced well known writers and poets like, Poet Chakravarti, Shripal, Vijaypal, Chandpal, Samay Sundar and Rushabhdas.

Art of Sculpture -

Hundreds of temples with great carving and sculpture work had been destroyed by Yavans, but we can still find many temples unharmed, which gives us better understanding of Porwal Community's interest and imagination in this art. Leading example is located in Abu - Delvada. Vimalvasahi named temple was built by Minister Vimal in Vikram Samvat 1088 at the cost of Rs.18,53,00,000 (in terms of today's value). More than 1500 workers built this temple and was inaugurated by Acharya Shree Vardhamansuri.

Religious Field -

Like Jain monks (Sadhu) give importance to sacrifice, restraint, ethics, consideration, dressing, speech, travel, food and penance (Tapasya), Jainism followers give importance to truth, belief, honesty, charity, sympathy and religious beliefs.

Monks from Porwal Community -

There are many great monks from Porwal Community, who left community living (Sansar) and attained Diksha (Monk) to help promote Jainism to community people. Shree Yashobhadrasuri, Shree Aryarakshitsuri, Shree Vadi Devsuri and Shree Dharmghoshsuri etc are some of the great Acharyas of older times.

Shree Somsundarsuri, Shree Anand Vimalsuri Kalyan Vijay Gani, Shree Vijaytilaksuri, Shree Vijayanandsuri, Shree Lonkashah Parswachandrasuri and Shree Samasundar etc are some of the Acharyas who helped Jain community from Vikram Samvat 15th Century till 20th Century.

Great Jainism followers from Porwal Community -

It is impossible to make a list of great followers of Jainism from Porwal Community, but we will put down some of their names to know the impact of Porwal Community in expansion of Jainism. Minister Samant, Mahamatya Vir, Minister Vimal Shah, Vastupal, Tejpal, Pruthvipal, Sukarma, Putig, Shalik, Pethad, Dharna Shah etc.