Rajasthan's Leading Jain Prayer Hall (Jain Library) and their Porwal Followers

Sevadi's KulGuru Poshdhashala (Prayer Hall) -

Sevadi is located near Town of Bali in Godwad region. Paushadh Shala of Sevadi is very well known in Rajasthan's ancient religious places. One can find many literature on Oswal and Porwal cast community. These references indicate that there are fourteen Gotra (Clan) of Porwal Cast, who were settled around Bali and Desuri region.

  • Kasindra Gautra Chauhan
  • Kundal Gotriya Devada Chauhan
  • Haran Gautra Chauhan
  • Chandra Gautra Parmar
  • Kundalasa Gautra Chauhan
  • Tungiyana Gautra Chauhan
  • Kundal Gautriya
  • Agni Gautriya
  • Didolacha Gautriya
  • Anand Gautriya
  • Vishal Gautriya
  • Bagarecha Chauhan
  • Got Gautra
  • Ghar Gautriya

It is observed that above Gautra were first to adopt Jainism before 7th Century A.D.

Ghanerav's KulGuru Poshdhashala (Prayer Hall) -

Notes in some of the literatures available from these Prayer Halls indicate following Porwal Gautras.

  • Bhadalpura Solanki
  • Vadeliya Solanki
  • Kumhar Gautra Chauhan
  • Bhurajbhuraniya Chauhan
  • Duggad Gautra Solanki
  • Mudadiya Kak Gautra Chauhan
  • Lamb Gautra Chauhan
  • Bramhashanti Gautra Chauhan
  • Badvaniya Pandiya
  • Vadgama Solanki
  • Ambav Gautra Parmar
  • Posanecha Chauhan
  • Kacholiyaval Chauhan
  • Kasindra Gautra Tumar
  • Sakariya Solanki
  • Bamhashanti Gautra Rathod

It is believed that original great people from above Gautras adopted Jainism in around Vikram Samwat 8th Century.

  • Kasab Gautra Rathod
  • Manadiya Solanki
  • Sthanaval Gahalot
  • Jab Gautra Chauhan
  • Heru Gautra Solanki
  • Nivajiya Solanki
  • Tavarecha Chauhan
  • Buta Solanki
  • Siparasi Chauhan
  • Khimanadi Parmar

It is believed that original great people from above Gautras adopted Jainism in around fourth quarter of Vikram Samwat 12th Century.

Sirohi's KulGuru Poshdhashala (Prayer Hall) -

Sirohi's Poshdhashala has notes referring to following 42 Gautras. Clans from these Gautras lived in and around Sirohi, Bali, Desuri, Jhalore, Bhinmal, Jasvantpura and Gadhsivana. Some of these clans were also believed to be living in and around town of Ratlam, Dhar and Devas.

  • Bankariya Chauhan
  • Vijayanand Gautra Parmar
  • Gautam Gautriya
  • Swatavir Parmar
  • Dhuniya Parmar
  • Vimal Gautra Parmar
  • Ratnapuriya Chauhan
  • Positra Gautriya
  • Goyal Gautriya
  • Swet Gautra Chauhan
  • Parvaliya Chauhan
  • Kundal Gautra Parmar
  • Undecha Gautra Parmar
  • Bhunashakha Parmar
  • Mandadiya Gautriya
  • Gurjar Gautra
  • Bhildecha Bohara
  • Navasara Gautriya
  • Revat Gautriya
  • Damal Gautriya
  • Nag Gautra Bohara
  • Vardhaman Gautra Bohara
  • Dana Gautra Parmar
  • Vishala Parmar
  • Bibalecha Parmar
  • Madhar Gautriya
  • Jabariya Parmar
  • Dataniya Parmar
  • Mandavada Chauhan
  • Kakarecha Chauhan
  • Nahar Gautra Solanki
  • Bora Rathod Mandalecha
  • Kumar Gautriya
  • Dhinoliya Parmar
  • Malaniya Parmar
  • Kasab Gautra Parmar
  • Vasantpura Chauhan
  • Nag Gautra Solanki

It is believed that original great people from above Gautras adopted Jainism in beginning of Vikram Samwat 8th Century.

Bali's KulGuru Poshdhashala (Prayer Hall) -

Bali (Godwad)'s Prayer Hall (Paushadhshala) had notes of following eight Gautras, believed to be living in and around Bali and Desuri.

  • Raval Gautriya
  • Ambai Gautriya
  • Bramhan Gautriya Chauhan
  • Jesal Gautra Rathod
  • Kasab Gautra
  • Nimb Gautra Chauhan
  • Sakariya Chauhan
  • Falavadha Gautra Parmar

It is believed that original great people from above Gautras adopted Jainism in Vikram Samwat 10th and 12th Century.

We saw how Jainism Followers Clans originated. Today's Gautras and Clans are descendents of Clans who adopted Jainism between Vikram Samwat 8th and 11th Century.

Porwal community is one of the most glorious in Swetambar Jain communities. Great people of Porwal Community have shown tremendous capability in different fields that it is worth making impact in Porwal History. Minister Vimal and his family have contributed a lot in building of Gujarat. Vastupal and Tejpal brothers have done proud to not only Porwal Community, but the whole India. One can notice their efforts towards community and Jainism at Abu, Delvada and Ranakpur. Visitor of these religious places cannot stop praising spirit of these great people by looking at the architecture and presentation at these locations. They have given so much to the community which no other Emperor or Kings could do.